Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bah Humbug!

Hurricanes, financial disasters, tainted baby milk and war! WTH is going on with this world. Everyday there's more bad news. I want to throw my TV out, but then I'll just read about it on the PC or hear it on the radio. It's so depressing, will it ever end? Probably not :-(

Anyway, I can't find my camera, one of the kids must have run off with it. My Halloween quilt is ready for the quilt frame, now to just get it loaded. I have half cut a Christmas throw, another kit I've been hoarding, I have so many many kits, some kitted by the quilt shop and some I made up myself. Here's a couple pictures of my kit stash.


There's more than 25 kits in these two storage cases.

The fabric on top of the box below is for some table cloths I am planning to make.

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