Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Halloween Quilt "part three"

This photo shows the progress of the Halloween quilt I have been working on. The six blocks and the sashing are just laid up against each other, nothing but the blocks have been sewn yet. I have seven blocks finished, 13 to go.

I recently finished 165 signature blocks for a Christmas with Jane swap. I sent them off and they arrived on the west coast last week. I'm impatiently waiting until October for them to be swapped out. I finished up as quickly as possible as I didn't want 165 blocks hanging over my head :-)This quilt is made up of 88 pink and brown blocks from a swap I was in a couple years ago. It was very hard matching up every one's idea of a 6.5 inch square. I swore I would never join a block swap again but the siggy swap had a no squaring up rule with a generous cut so there will be plenty of wiggle room. I could have never put these pink and browns together without sashing. I am very happy with the way it turned out.
School started today, YAY!! It was nice to have a quiet house for the day, the 4 year old was here but so was his dad and he shadowed him all day, leaving me in peace. They cut and stacked fire wood all day, outside.
Well back to my sewing machine,

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