Thursday, August 28, 2008

Halloween Quilt Progress

My first two blocks laying on the sashing fabric I plan to use.

I would have had more done but August is continuing to kick my butt. My teenagers are being impossible. They are usually very well behaved and polite, but they are lucky they survived today! I told them (17 and 16 years old) no friends over until they have cleaned their rooms. That was yesterday, about two hours later my daughters boyfriend shows up. So he's gone and they are back to cleaning but did not finish last night. Fast forward to today, I'm up early vacuuming when kids start showing up. Now it's not like they can just come over anytime. We live in the woods, miles away from everything. These kids had to have older siblings or parents drive them over. Apparently my kids decided their rooms would be clean this morning and invited everyone they know over for the NIGHT!! So I sent home everyone whose parents where still in the driveway and ended up with a few for the day, but no one slept over and the boy and girl are currently upstairs cleaning their damn rooms!! Arrrggg!!

School starts Tuesday YIPEE!!


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