Thursday, August 7, 2008

Internet aggravation

I ordered 2 pattern from two different online quilt shops almost three weeks ago. The first was difficult to order, I kept getting error messages, so I emailed them that I only really wanted one pattern. I got a reply that my order would ship the following Tuesday. The other went right through and I got nothing but the auto reply receipt, which is what I expected.

I have been waiting patiently for my patterns almost three weeks now. The first just sent me a message that the order didn't go through and could I just phone it in, um no, i'm not giving my credit card number on the phone, no way.

The second just sent a message that they don't have the pattern, sheesh, why is it still for sale on the web-site?

What a disappointment, of course I couldn't find both patterns at the same site and was already paying double postage. I found both patterns on other sites but $3.95 and up for shipping one pattern is way too much.

Well, I plan to call my local Bernina dealer today and see how much they sell the mega hoop for and if it is in stock, given my luck lately it will be $400 or not in stock LOL!


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